Bridal Trends

A few years ago when I was doing Teleflora seminars on advertising I usually asked the audience a question; when is the best time of the year to advertise birthday flowers? After all, you do want to advertise at the time when you stand the best chance of sales. The answers were all through the year. Actually, the answer is March and the early part of April. Why? Because those times are just nine months after June, a month that, until recent years, saw nearly 40% of all weddings. There are songs and poems and stories about June brides. The weather was generally good. And after a long dreary winter this was the month to go for it. Composite Rose 168-21

Today that has all changed. September and October have become the prime months. The weather is still good and in many parts of the country there are many interesting fall activities for visiting guests, who might want to linger a few extra days. Destination weddings are another factor through out the nation, especially here in central New York. Many of our brides and grooms select the Finger Lakes area, especially in the fall months, because of our scenery, our wineries and festivals. They select the area, too, because it costs far less for a wedding here than in, say, New York or Boston or Washington, DC. Yes, hotel rooms, are lower priced. Wonderful meals cost less. And because of our lower overhead, flowers don’t cost nearly as much.

There many more changes in the air. Gone are the cookie cutter bouquets of the past. I can’t remember the last time that a bride opted to carry a single, beautiful rose down the aisle. Today’s brides are very savvy about trends and what they want. They can search the internet for florists around the world to see the latest trends in bouquets and in colors. Bridal magazines carry a tremendous amount of information. And, florists, too, are doing a better job in keeping up with the trends and providing what the bride wants, not what the florist wants to sell. Then, too, never in my lifetime as a florist have I seen so broad a selection of flowers and greens that are available nearly throughout the year.ColorfulArmBouquet

Gone are the large cascade bouquets of ivy and carnations of the 70’s and 80’s. We haven’t seen a nosegay wedding in years. Today’s bouquet is less formal and, while nearly always primarily white, we are seeing other subtle elements, hints of color in the flowers and in the embellishments such as bling and ribbons and other accessories. Nearly throughout the year, Stephanotis, a beautiful white flower and other blooms lend beautiful fragrances to bouquets.

A new, nearly black rose, is popping up in bridal wish lists. And, if you haven’t seen the color spectrum on the new miniature calla lilies, take a look. They’re long lasting, nicely withstand the pressure of all those hugs and kisses on the wedding day and form nicely into hand held bouquets.

Change is prevalent throughout the wedding flowers. Gone are the plain old carnation or rose boutonnieres with a piece of leather leaf on the back. In are boutonnieres of 3 sweetheart roses or stephanotis or princess lilies. And moms of the bride and groom are wearing their corsages in their hair, on their purses and at the waist. Saw a wedding recently where the family pet, a beautiful golden lab, had a wreath of carnations around this neck. No, he wasn’t happy with it.

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