An Easy House Plant


Want an easy house plant? Like orchids? Orchids are the largest of all the plant families: more species and more genera than any other plant. They are distributed, not just in the tropics, but world wide. How do you select the right one? It is easy. The Phalaenopsis, or Moth orchid, is available at flower shops, nurseries and home improvement stores. Mostly in white, but with lavenders and shades of pink and even yellows, it is a very easy to grow plant on the windowsill and, unlike many orchids that bloom only once a year, these plants will give you as much as 8 or 9 months of flowers throughout the year. They like a lot of filtered sunlight (don’t want to burn the foliage) and they like to be watered often. Do NOT let them sit in a container of water. Take to the sink and run water through the pot and then put them back on the windowsill.

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