Here at Cosentinos, Tuesday February 10th

It certainly is a busy week at Cosentino’s. There is a lot going on. Of course, it is Valentines week. Yes at Cosentino’s it takes a whole week to prepare for it. Then we announced that Jessica is having built a wonderful bridal studio, a place away from the rush where she can sit quietly when brides come in and chat with them and discuss and build the wedding plan IMG_9693to fit their dreams. The table and chairs and computer system are in the interviews. Walls are being painted, some of them stuccoed and pictures hung. Next she is planning to build three tables and on each table a place setting, and the centerpiece. That way she can show examples of the low-end medium and high-end arrangements for the tables. The lot of planning has gone into it and I think is going to be wonderful. Next on the agenda, after Valentine’s Day of course, she will be mailing out some invitations because on 28 February Saturday she is planning a party and inviting all brides to be. She is having refreshments, exhibition on how to use flowers and a whole lot more. Plan to come. And as we build our list I’m sure will miss people. When you read this you call will be put on the invitation list.

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