Sycamore Hill Gardens

VISTA-POND-BRIDGE-1024x683There is the open house at Sycamore Hill Gardens, let me tell you of event. This private 35 acre garden, owned by Karen and George Hanford, is located on Old Seneca Turnpike, just before the village of Marcellus. A couple of times each year, the Hanford’s graciously open their gardens to the public. Proceeds go to benefit the Baltimore Woods Nature Center, well-known for connecting nature and children.
Planted with nearly a half million spring-flowering bulbs and thousands of perennial plants, the grounds are graced with some 700 varieties of trees –nearly everything is properly labeled. So you can turn a fun time into a learning experience. But is more than just about plants. The themed gardens are magnificent. There are groupings of plants and unbelievable statuary, much of it from Italy and the Far East. Karen tells me that this year they’ve added a new 6 foot long wind chime near the patio, with a viewVISTA-STEPPING-SONES-1024x683 of the main pond. What a wonderful place to enjoy that picnic lunch you brought. What could be better, lunch, melodious chimes and a view of the pond and its dozens of Koi.
The event is Sunday the 10th, from 11 to 4, rain or shine.  Tickets are $10 at the gate. As my Anne Marie would say, a perfect Mother’s Day is brunch with the family at Springside and then a visit to Sycamore Hill.

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