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On a personal note: As our busy season begins I thought we would send our newsletter 2 or 3 times a month. I want to let you know what is happening at Cosentino’s, give you some flower tips and talk about flowers. I hope you like my efforts. Got an idea? Please send me your comments to
Jessica has just returned from a one week trip to Bogota, Colombia where she attended the International Pro-Flora Flower show and took time to visit several greenhouse operations where she saw the production and harvesting and packing of roses and carnations.


Sam SaysSam Says

Papa has kept me really busy this week. Where do all those leaves come from? He did teach me that gardeners never put them in bags on the street. We piled ours in a big pile so that they would rot down and make compost (whatever that is.) Any way I had some fun jumping on that pile.


Here is a quick Plant tip: as our days grow shorter, be sure to move houseplants to different spots so you can find where they get the best light. Never mind the instructions about low light plants; in Auburn everything is low light until April.

Today’s arrangement
SugarMaplesAs Autumn draws to a close and winter begins to threaten, there is still time to send or to enjoy for yourself the “Sugar Maple Bouquet.” our most popular seller for the season goes away on Thanksgiving Day for another 9 months. Send one or order one for yourself today.
It is only $44.95
Order from this blog and mention code A111 and we will take $5.00 off



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