Getting Ready For Valentine’s Day

A whole lot has been happening at Cosentino’s over the past few days, boxes alogond boxes of flowers have arrived and had to be unpacked.
At Cosentino’s we do not just open them up and pop them into water as so many other vendors do.
Once the box is opened we take the temperature to be sure that it hasn’t overheated indicating possible problems.
Then we take each bunch over to our “mechanical stripper” where we remove any leaves that would be under the water line. That takes away breeding ground for bacteria and mold. We also blunt the thorns so they do not stick our designers or recipients.
Then the flowers are taken over to our “underwater cutter.” Here we cut off about an inch of the stem. You see, in the 4 or 5 days in transit the leaves have given off water and the stem end is crusted over leaving about a half inch vacuum. By cutting under water, we eliminate a potential air bubble preceding the water up the stem and causing problems.
Then flowers are put into sanitized buckets that hold warm (110 degree) water and the proper amount of flower food. In the case of roses, they go into a black plastic bag and into the cooler. This last process adds days to their life.

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